Being a FİBA Member
Fiba Aware

As Fiba Group, together with all our group companies, we are aware that we owe all our success and prestige on both domestic and international area to our human resources, which is our most treasured value.

In the light of the focus group studies and surveys conducted with the participation of our innovative, dynamic and customer-oriented peers, we recognize the wishes and needs of each single Fiba member, within our “Fiba Aware” mentality.

As a follower of our peers’ talents, potential, ambition, courage, improvement and happiness, we are on that route, to continue our journey.

Equality First

We aim to adopt gender equality at institutional and individual level and to create a common language. Our Equality Ambassadors undertake the mission of "Equality First" within the company and support the development of many projects on equality of opportunity at the workplace. Besides, we take part as a signatory and member in initiatives that we believe will contribute to the economic and social development of our country and to the issue of gender equality.

Women's Empowerment Principles

WEPs Implementation Guide aims to guide the organizations in the private sector in their efforts towards women's empowerment at the workplace and in their areas of operation. Fiba Yenilenebilir Enerji Holding, a signatory of WEPs since 2019, has been providing the necessary support for women's empowerment in the world of business.


We believe that the foundation of success is the value given to human resources and
employee satisfaction, and we aim to secure a workforce
with the suitable knowledge for our company.

We conduct our recruitment processes to ensure the placement of candidates who are
able to adapt to the organization's culture, and whose knowledge and
qualifications are suitable for their respective positions. When evaluating the applicants,
we embrace an egalitarian approach and evaluate the applications of all candidates in a
transparent manner without discrimination on any ground such as gender, race, language or religion. 

For New Opportunities Full of Energy

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