Our Strategic Focus Areas

To Grow in the Sector with Focus on Sustainability

  • To ensure operational excellence
  • To constantly improve/adapt ourselves to new business models
  • To provide sustainable finance and invest responsibly
  • To do business based on our values
  • To support local economy
  • To manage risks through comprehensive assessment activities

To Ensure Human-Oriented Working Environment

  • To enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • To respect employee and human rights
  • To ensure equality, diversity and inclusion
  • To ensure talent and performance management
  • To ensure information privacy and security
  • To do business without making any compromise on occupational health and safety standards

To Act with the Awareness of the Environment and Social Responsibility

  • To increase renewable energy production
  • To combat the climate crisis and ensure emission management
  • To minimize our environmental impact
  • To act with the awareness of the corporate social responsibility

Sustainability Report

2021 Sustainability Report [ PDF ]

Memberships and Collaborations

United Nations Global Compact
(UN Global Compact)

UN Global Compact supports the companies worldwide in harmonizing their strategies and operations with the 10 Principles on human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, while at the same time leading the world of business in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Fiba Renewable Energy, a signatory of this compact since 2021, continues to implement a policy that supports the goals of the United Nations and promotes the universal principles of sustainability.

You can reach our letter of commitment and company profile by clicking the link.

Women's Empowerment Principles

WEPs Implementation Guide aims to guide the organizations in the private sector in their efforts towards women's empowerment at the workplace and in their areas of operation. Fiba Renewable Energy, a signatory of WEPs since 2019, has been providing the necessary support for women's empowerment in the world of business.

Business Council for Sustainable Development

Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD Turkey) is an important platform that aims to contribute to the improvement of economic growth, social welfare and sustainable development and to increase the competition in the world of business, as the regional network and business partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Turkey. As a BCSD Turkey member since 2021, Fiba Renewable Energy continues its operations by integrating sustainability into its business strategies.

Wind Europe

With more than 400 members, Wind Europe actively coordinates international policy, research and analysis, promotes the wind energy sector across Europe by collaborating with industry and research institutions on technology research and development projects. A Wind Europe member, Fiba Renewable Energy closely follows the latest developments in the wind sector.


Turkish Wind Energy Association (TWEA) is an umbrella non-governmental organization that operates for the purpose of benefiting our economy by taking advantage of the wind energy potential in our country. As Fiba Renewable Energy, we care about tapping into our country's wind potential to benefit the sector and we take part in TWEA work groups and contribute to the development of the wind energy sector in Turkey.


Foreign Economic Relations Board is an organization that has been operating in the areas of foreign trade, foreign economic relations, domestic and foreign investment opportunities since 1985 for the purpose of helping the Turkish private sector strengthen their operations internationally. As Fiba Renewable Energy, we have been an active FERB member to keep a close eye on foreign investment opportunities.